Michael Hardy

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This website collects data about how you interact with it. Information collected includes (but is not limited to) specifications the device you used to view this site (screen size, etc.), how long the page took to load on your device, how the page looked on your device, how far through the page you scrolled, links you clicked, your IP address and, an itentifier assigned to your browser. Additionaly if you provide feedback to the site further information may be recorded such as your email address and the section of the page you where viewing. In such cases the data on how you viewed the page may become assosiated with your email address.

This data is not shared with third parties and is encrypted in transit.

Currently this website does not support DNT headers.

Additionally a partial copy of tracking data is stored locally to display information to you about how you interacted with this site. This data is not a full copy of all the data about your interactions with this site. It is stored in IndexedDB under “cartographer-map” and Local Storage as “cartographer.questions”.